What is  Open House Malaga?

Open House Málaga is the opportunity to visit for free emblematic buildings in your city which are normally closed to the public. The festival program includes guided tours of different spaces and outdoor routes which allow you to kn to know the architecture of the city outdoors, activities and events such as exhibitions or round tables, which bring together leading professionals to discuss the future of cities.

Which buildings could be visited?

Once we have the program ready, we will publish in the 'Program' section of this website the spaces which will be part of the program this year, so that you can take a look at the hours and days thus you can play your own itinerary. 

What should I have to do at the moment I get to the building  I want to visit?

At the main door of each building you will find our volunteers who will explain the steps to follow the access the building. All you have to do is sign up on the visitor's list and enjoy the visit, which will be led by one of our guides, who will explain to the group everything you want to know about the building and guide them through the most interesting places.


Set your camera to charge and get your backpack ready because we are selecting the best buildings in your city so you can visit them very soon...