Offices of the Association of Builders and Developers of Malaga

MLKT Design & Architecture


Address: Calle Góngora, 2 - 29002 Málaga

Friday, May 10th:13:30*h

Person in charge of guiding the visit: *Special visit guided by Raúl Fdez Contreras and Víctor Glez Vera, authors of the project.


It is NOT necessary to present your ID card for this visit.

The Association of Builders and Developers of Malaga, which includes more than 400 companies, has been dedicated since 1974 to advising and defending the interests of construction and development professionals in the province.

MLKT proposes a multipurpose space for the new headquarters. A functional and comfortable space as a place to work, cozy as a place for meetings and relationships, and at the same time, elegant and timeless as a space of representation.

Starting from a rough "U" shaped room, the server uses and closed and meeting rooms are organized in the center, leaving the perimeter free for work and training uses that require more natural lighting.

In terms of materiality, it is worth mentioning the combination of stainless steel, wood and black cladding, giving rise to a careful rhythm of vertical lines that convey elegance, in coexistence with a triangular pattern on the floor and ceiling in the form of a spider's web that dialogues with the irregular shape of the building.


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