New Mayoral Logistics Center Warehouse

System Architecture


Address: Industrial Intelhorce, Campanillas, Málaga - Access control booth (entrance door).

Friday, May 10th:12:30*h

Person in charge of guiding the visit: *Special visit guided by Rafael Urquiza, author of the project.



In this visit it is necessary to present your ID card.

Last Minute. In this visit it IS ALLOWED to enter another person if all the places are not covered.

Parking will be available on the site from 12:15h.

It is a visit in which you have to walk through the extension of the complex.


The project consists of the refurbishment of the Intelhorce textile industrial complex (1957-2004) to transform it into the new logistics center of the company Mayoral Moda Infantil in Malaga. To this end, the old
The old finishing warehouse was recovered in 2018, preserving its spectacular interior space and its concrete structure, while adding a new envelope. In parallel, the rest of the plot is prepared for the future extension of the company with a sustainable landscaping action. In 2022, the new
Given the difference in volume between the two buildings, the new warehouse had to be treated with sensitivity for its volumetric and conceptual integration. Hence, the conventional rectangular prism of the industrial typology is
conventional prism of the industrial typology, arching its facades and designing an envelope with a textile language that dialogues with the original warehouse. The first building was nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe Contemporary Architecture Awards of the European Union, mentioned in the Malaga Architecture Awards, and is registered in the DOCOMOMO International Register of good practices. Finalist for the 2019 ArchDaily International Award for Best Industrial Building. The second building has been a Finalist for the ArchDaily International Award
2023 for Best Industrial Building and first prize in the Best Applied Materials 2023 Category.


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