Thematic route

Space and emotion. How the city shapes our emotions


Meeting point:Plaza de la Marina, Downtown District, Malaga - In front of the entrance of the Information Office.

Saturday, May 11:16:00*h

Sunday, May 12:16:00*h

Person in charge of guiding the visit: *Special routes guided by the architect specialized in emotional intelligence, Marisa G. Bandera.



In this route it is NOT necessary to present your ID card.

Route duration approx. 1:10h.

Last minute. In this route it IS ALLOWED to enter another person if all the seats are not covered.

Wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

"A unique journey through the center of Malaga to discover how the city shapes our emotions..."

The route "Space and Emotion" invites you to a unique journey through the center of Malaga to discover how the city shapes our emotions. We will explore the different types of emotions, their link with urban space, the relationship between body and space and how the environment can be a tool to manage our emotions. In about 70 minutes, you will learn, reflect and enjoy how our everyday spaces can induce greater well-being. The activity is developed with a professional and rigorous approach, using a language accessible to the non-specialized public.

The route includes a dynamic activity at the end of the tour to reflect on the spatial characteristics related to each emotion.

Route milestones:

  • Start: Plaza de la Marina
  • Stop 2. Plaza de Félix Saénz
  • Stop 3. Plaza de Camas
  • San Juan St. and Cinco Bolas St. meeting
  • Stop 5. Plaza de las flores
  • End of route: Plaza de la Constitución


Set your camera to charge and get your backpack ready because we are selecting the best buildings in your city so you can visit them very soon...