English Cemetery


Address: Main entrance. Avenida Príes, 1 - 29016 Málaga

Sunday, May 12:12:00*h; 12:00**h.

Person in charge of guiding the visit: *Special visits guided by Ana Barrena Gómez, assistant professor doctor of the Department of Historical Sciences and by Dolores Lupiáñez Fernández, PhD in Tourism: Heritage and Funerary Culture.


It is NOT necessary to present your ID card for this visit.

We recommend arriving in advance, our volunteers will be waiting for you at the meeting point.

Access on a first-come, first-served basis, until full capacity is reached.

Attention: Simultaneously students of the degree in History and the degree in Art History of the University of Malaga will be carrying out the Workshop of basic action on heritage elements of the English Cemetery of Malaga to contribute to its enhancement, organized by Alicia Marchant Rivera, university professor of the Department of Historical Sciences and with the collaboration of Antonio Jesús Santana Guzmán, assistant professor doctor of the Department of Art History. Attendees who sign up for these visits will be able to interact with them.

The workshop is an institutional collaboration between Open House Málaga and the University of Málaga.

Malaga English Cemetery (1)

In 1831, faced with the problem of the impossibility of burial of Protestants in Malaga, the English Cemetery was founded by William Mark, British Consul, so that the members of his community could receive a dignified burial. This is the oldest Protestant cemetery in peninsular Spain.

Saint George's Anglican Church was built in 1856, but did not function as a church until after its inauguration as such on April 5, 1891. It originally served as a caretaker's house.


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